Grammy Award nominee Ashton Scott Worthington achieved 14th degree blackbelt at Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo at age 4 before
running away to join a flea circus. After failing to make the olympic synchronized speed skating team in 1984, he parlayed an active childhood
leadership role in the Baltimore brigade of the Blue Blaze Irregulars into a stint playing electric clarinet in the Hong Kong Cavaliers.

After escaping the Siberian photography mills in the waning days of the Soviet Union, Ashton has been shooting CEOs,
bugs, dildos, cheese, garbage, liberal and conservative newspeople, old people, young people, medium people, guns, booze,
toothbrushes (manual AND electric), razors, olympic athletes, scientists, cancer patients, lizards, and lawyers in the US since 1997. He loves them all equally.

Nephew of John Lithgow, cousin of Giovanni Ribisi, Ashton is a perennial finalist in the Maryland state competitive blue crab chili cook-off.
He is a devout practicing Moonothologist with plans to someday live there, and currently splits time between photography and knitting dollhouse washcloths.

Ashton happily lives and works in Brooklyn with his very patient family consisting of 1 wife, 2 children, 2 cats, and 2 hermit crabs. Ashton's favorite toy is Lego.

And the name? No, not the Third, I promise. My dad was in graphic design, and for a long time had a firm in Baltimore called Ashton Worthington, Inc.
partnered with a gentleman named David Ashton. My father was my hero, but he definitely had a healthy ego, and yeah, he named me after his company.

And "Scott?" My middle name, and how I grew up. I experimented with Ashton in college when I got tired of explaining it, and fully transitioned
when I moved to New York the day after graduation. If you want to call me Scott, I'm cool with that.